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Code of Behaviour

The Mission Statement of Bishop Ahern N.S. is as follows:

The Board of management, Parents, Staff and children of this school will work together towards creating a positive school environment in which all pupils can achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives:

  • Academic areas
  • Moral issues/ spiritual dimension/ showing respect.
  • Social interaction/respecting differences.
  • Non academic learning/ cultural differences.

It is good practice in our school to positively affirm and acknowledge all good behaviour. In order to maintain a high standard of behaviour and discipline, so that learning and development can take place in the spirit of our Mission Statement, the following disciplinary procedures are followed:

  1.  Reasoning with pupils.
  2. Reprimanding (including advice on how to improve)
  3. Temporary separation from peers, friends and others.
  4. Sanctions are imposed.
  5. Referral to the principal.
  6. Parents/Guardians will be contacted informally by the school and asked to discuss issue/incident
  7. Parents summoned to school to meet formally with teachers and principal.

Where all the above steps have failed to produce the desired result we would proceed with the steps below.

In certain circumstances however, it may be necessary to skip the initial steps.

  1. Parents/Guardians informed through official Behaviour Note and signed acknowledgement to be returned.
  2. In cases of serious misconduct or repeated incidents of minor misconduct (continuous disobedience and disruption), temporary suspension by the Board of Management. Where a suspension arises, the right of appeal applies in keeping with natural justice and in accordance with current guidelines.
  3. On return to school the child signs an agreement to comply with the school rules in the presence of teachers, parents and representative/s of the Board of Management which is then endorsed by the pupil’s parents.
  4. If misbehaviour continues the parents/guardians are asked to meet with the Board of Management, where all options, up to and including expulsion may be explored.