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School Calendar

School Academic Year 2019/2020 (Current year)

School Opens: Wednesday 28th August 2019

October Mid-Term: 28th October – 1st November (inclusive)

Christmas Holidays: 23rd December – 3rd January (inclusive)

February Mid-Term: 17th – 21st February (inclusive)

St Patrick’s Day: 17th March

Easter Holidays: 6th April – 17th April (inclusive)

May Bank Holiday: 4th May

June Bank Holiday: 1st June

Closed for Summer Holidays: 24th June


School Calendar for the Academic Year 2020-2021 (next year)

School Opens: 27th August

October Mid Term: 26th Oct – 30th Oct (inclusive)

Christmas Holidays: 23rd Dec – 5th Jan (inclusive)

February Mid-Term: 15th – 19th Feb (inclusive)

St Patrick’s Day: 17th March

Easter Holidays: 29th March – 9th April (inclusive)

May Bank Holiday:  3rd May

June Bank Holiday:  7th and 8th June

Closed for Summer Holidays: 25th June