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Green-Schools Letter – October 2018

2nd October 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware the Green-School’s Committee of Bishop Ahern NS have had great success in achieving recognition for our environmental work in the school and community though the Green Flag Programme with An Taisce. We are now gearing up to start the 4th Green Flag theme, Sustainable Travel.

The Department of Transport is funding this programme with the following objectives:

  • Promote walk to school initiatives such as WOW days (Walk on Wednesday), walking buses, Park ‘n Stride days.
  • Promote cycle to school initiatives through the provision of cycle training in schools, cycle parking facilities, breakfast mornings for teachers and pupils
  • Promote carpooling through consultation with the wider population served by schools
  • Raise awareness of travel alternatives through the development of children/parent/teacher transport workshops, presentations, annual competitions and travel information boards at school gates.

By promoting sustainable transport modes (walking, cycling, car-pooling or public transport), the school will also improve pupils’ safety, health and fitness. The journey to school is an ideal way for children to take part in regular physical activity, to interact with their peers, and to develop the road sense children need as pedestrians and cyclists. Alternative modes of transport also improve children’s alertness. The schools will also lessen their overall impact on the environment, by reducing emissions and pollution.

In our school, due to its location and lack of footpaths, we decided to focus on carpooling, where possible, to reduce the number of cars coming to school. We are also going to ask you to turn off your car engine when waiting outside the school to prevent idling, which releases massive amounts of CO2 into our air, and wastes your fuel!

How can you as parents help your school to get their Green Travel Flag?

Parent participation is vital for the Green-Schools Travel theme. You can help by thinking about:

  • How YOU travelled to school
  • Examining your own travel patterns
  • Encouraging your children to walk / cycle (especially by walking and cycling with them!)
  • participate in the action days / workshops / meetings / presentations that the school organises
  • Having a positive attitude!
  • Help maintain previous Green school flags by providing your child with a washbag containing a facecloth, soap and hand sanitizer to reduce waste in bins.

We understand that there may be concerns over certain factors in travelling to school: safety, weather, etc. Awareness raising plays a large role in this respect. By engaging the children in discussions, it will encourage them to think about what can be done to overcome these concerns. e.g. road safety awareness, cycle training, proper clothing, structured walking/cycling days.

Thank you for your continued support.  We will keep you updated.

Your Green-School Committee