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Class and Classroom Allocation

This policy was formulated as a result of a collaborative approach between the Principal, Staff and Board of Management.

This policy ensures that teachers get the opportunity to expand their skills through teaching a range of different ages and topics. It also offers the teaching staff and children flexibility within the system and there is provision in the policy for children to have access to teachers with specific skills in particular subjects.


Aims and Objectives:

The policy also facilitates the allocation of rooms suitable to the needs of the children;

  • To facilitate the smooth, efficient running of the school
  • To enable the teaching staff to professionally develop themselves through exposure to different age groups and curricula
  • To maximise the learning opportunities of the children through prudent class allocation which utilises to the optimum, the range of individual teaching skills within the staff


Class Allocation:

The allocation of teaching duties within the school is a matter for the Principal.  However, it is the policy of the school to reach collective agreement and consensus when distributing teaching duties.

  • Bishop Ahern National School has 5 mainstream classes and consequently groupings/splits are decided by pupil numbers.  It is school policy to rotate class teachers  after 3 years with any one standard/split group. If a teacher wishes to remain with a particular standard for longer exceptions may be made at the discretion of the principal.
  • The Special Education Team has the option of returning to mainstream after 5 years, should they indicate such a preference.  Alternatively, they may wish to remain in Special Education for a further period of time.
  • The Principal will allocate classes according to the class preference form completed by the teaching staff.  The Principal will also take other factors into account when making these decisions such as;
  • Experience
  • Contribution to overall school policy development in relation to teaching and learning
  • Range of classes already taught / not taught
  • Motivation
  • Personality
  • Special talents
  • Opportunities for development such as Special Education, shared teaching etc.

Class allocation is completed in May of every year.


Classroom Allocation:

  • It is not the policy of the school to move classes from specific rooms unless in exceptional circumstances such as teacher request, physical damage to room or health and safety issues
  • The design of the school allows for ease of access to the Learning Support/Resource rooms and Assembly hall for all classrooms



Roles & Responsibilities:

All staff, under the guidance of the Principal participate in and contribute to the implementation of an effective and equitable class allocation policy.  Grievances are dealt with at a Principal/teacher level and will only transfer to the Board if a compromise cannot be reached.


Success Criteria:

The school evaluates the success of the policy through;

  1. Participation of all staff in the policy
  2. Smooth hand over of classes
  3. Feedback from all staff
  4. Staff satisfaction
  5. Parental satisfaction