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Policy on Splitting Classes

Most schools in Ireland now have multi-grade classes and Educational research shows very positive benefits for pupils in these groups. Multi-grade classes afford pupils an excellent opportunity to make new friends and old friends will have plenty of opportunities to see each other at yard time or for activities such as swimming, sacrament preparation or tours etc. The school reserves the right to place a child with S.E.N. (Special educational needs) in the group most appropriate to that child’s needs.



It may be necessary to divide and combine classes into multi-grade groups.

In the interest of providing the best education for all pupils,

Being in keeping with DES regulations on class size and enrolment.

Making optimum use of teaching resources.


Aims & Objectives of this Policy:

To provide a framework for organising multi-grade classes-e.g. Selection of Classes;

selection of pupils and communication with staff and parents.

To outline the criteria on which children will be selected for such classes.

To work within the parameters of the School’s Enrolment Policy.

To allow for effective communication of the policy with staff & parents.


Framework for the splitting of classes:

At the time of planning the classes for the coming year, the Principal will look at the

overall numbers in each year group and the number of teachers available to teach them.

He will decide how best to organise classes with a view to providing the best

educational opportunities for all children.
Due consideration is always given to having a mixed gender in any split.

The number of children in the other class in the classrooms involved will also be a

factor in determining numbers on each side of class split.

In Bishop Ahern National School classes will be divided/split based on age and

classroom accommodation. Best practice suggests that while academic development may be ahead of chronological age, emotional intelligence rarely is.


In certain extreme circumstances other considerations may arise, in these situations decisions are at the discretion of the Principal. The following guidelines are applied but are open to modification if, in the professional judgement of Board of Management, Principal and staff, this is required.